Wasp Control and Managing Stinging Things - Hampton Pest Management
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Wasp Control and Managing Stinging Things

Stings are Painful and May Be Life-Threatening… You Need Wasp Control!

Let Hampton Pest Management (HPM) Stop Those Stings!

Every Bee, Yellow Jacket, Wasp, or Hornet service begins with a full property scan. HPM will identify key areas of activity and/or points of entry into your structure. Wasp control, Hornet control, and Bee control depend upon this analysis.

Identification of the pest species is essential for the “things that sting” category. Treatment techniques will vary, but full eradication of the hive is always our primary focus.

If the hive cannot be safely removed, or is inaccessible, Hampton Pest Management will perform treatment that may include spraying, fogging, or dusting insecticides into access points dependent upon species, location of hive, and other environmental factors.

Monitoring is essential when removal of the hive is not possible. Hampton Pest Management will help tenants and property managers identify signs of continued activity.

When necessary, a follow-up treatment will be provided free of charge.

wasp control
Hampton Pest Management is Ready to Stop Those Stinging Things…