Tick Control and Mosquito Control - Hampton Pest Management
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Tick Control and Mosquito Control

Tick Control and Mosquito Control stop these blood-sucking, disease-spreading parasites… Read our Hampton Pest Tick Guide

Let Hampton Pest Management (HPM) Control your Ticks and Mosquitoes!

Tick control and Mosquito control are critical for a healthy and happy home environment.

HPM will perform a full exterior property evaluation to understand the “hot spots” for tick and mosquito activity on the property.

Ticks are transmitted by mammal hosts, so understanding access points for deer, mice, and rabbits is important.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so locating standing water sites is important.

HPM recommends monthly, full property sprays from April thru October to properly control and prevent tick and mosquito infestations on properties.

For extra protection or special event coverage, HPM will provide one-off sprays for parties, weddings, and other outdoor events.

For our monthly customers we constantly monitor for signs of increased activity on property

Hampton Pest Management is a Tick Encounter Prevention Partner
Tick Prevention Partner
Hampton Pest Management is Ready to Terminate your Ticks and Mosquitoes…