Rodent Control - Hampton Pest Management
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Rodent Control

Rodents Bring You Ticks, Fleas, and Disease… Get Rodent Control Now!

Let Hampton Pest Management (HPM) Exercise some Rodent Control!

Rodents are responsible for a wide range of deadly diseases.

Interior and exterior property evaluations to identify points of access, areas of concern, and sources of infestation, where possible.

Baiting is Hampton Pest Management’s preferred control method.

We use Bell Laboratories’ CONTRAC ® Super BLOX and FINAL® All-weather BLOX for baiting. These products have the active ingredient Brodifacoum a strong, single feeding anticoagulant.

Hampton Pest Management offers monthly and quarterly rodent monitoring and re-baiting of rodent boxes to keep your building safe and rodent-free.

rodent control
Hampton Pest Management will Remove Your Rodents… Contact us Now!