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Ant Control

Ants are Everywhere on Your Property…

Let Hampton Pest Management (HPM) Exercise some Ant Control for you!

Ant control is a constant challenge; let HPM help keep your property ant-free.

A proper inspection and evaluation is the first step when treating your home or business for ants. Hampton Pest Management will help properly identify the ant species and recommend treatments that most effective in attacking the root cause of your ant problem.

Ants are social insects and targeting the nest is the most effective method of control.

Utilizing interior and exterior treatment techniques, HPM has all the tools necessary to treat carpenter ants, little black ants, house ants and all other species of ants common on Long Island.

Monthly ant control spray programs are available and will help maintain an “ant-free” premises throughout the year.

ant control
Hampton Pest Management is Ready to Attack Your Ants… Get Ant Control Now!