Tree Spraying - Hampton Pest Management
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Tree Spraying

Tree Spraying Protects Your Trees from Deadly Pests…

Let Hampton Pest Management (HPM) Care for Your Beautiful Trees!

Your trees are among the largest (and most sensitive) investments on your property.

HPM offers tree spraying programs to protect your property’s tree from invasive insects, including: aphids, beetles, birch leafminer, bronze birch borer, eastern tent caterpillars, gypsy moths, holly leafminer, hemlock woolly adelgids, mites, and many others.

We will start with a full property evaluation and will conduct monthly sprays to protect your trees and shrubs from insect infestations.

HPM also offers treatment for diseases caused by fungus, as well as deep root fertilization.

We OFFER sprays for GYPSY MOTHS!

tree spraying
Hampton Pest Management is Ready to Save Your Trees from Deadly Pests…